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#17539 Name: Anonymous   10min
Put off a project due to procasiantion and it's due today.... Hope I can finish it in time
#17540 Name: Anonymous   45min
There is a subset of artists who didn't join the career out of passion for it, but instead a desire not to be apart of the mainstream work ethos. A big chunk of their 'passion' hinges on the fact they mistakenly believe being an artist will free them from a soulless work-a-holic culture. They're the same way people want to live in a cottage in the woods, not because they like nature, but they think a situation least like their current one will fix everything. They usually flop out though once they realize art is, so competitive now it's no longer an escape from the culture they where so desperate to flee.
The idea of this then made me think about the inverse of that type of person. The work-a-holic who'll do anything to get ahead. This may sound like hearsay, but as someone who's worked with people liked that, they may not be able to produce soulful art... They're able to produce some interesting work.
If money crazed work-a-holics could avoid suppressing their vision for money, lol, they add an interesting perspective into art.
#17541 Name: Anonymous   5h
Most successful figurative painters are workaholics, many working 16 hour days. But the art market in general is pure money laundering. So depressing. It's almost as depressing as relying on others' taste and judgement for a living.
#17542 Name: Anonymous   6h
good luck spitz on your ancient China essay!
#17543 Name: Anonymous   11h
Wouldn't call myself a workaholic but I must say I personally have wondered lately what life would be like if I had transitioned into a career in the arts from corporate tech. I would want to do it simply for more flexibility and ideally I'd want it to be on my terms. Not just pigeonholed into wedding photography or something like that. Many seem to get into it with money in mind though.

You make a good point about that culture being something people use art to flee from only to find out working in the arts can be just as demanding if not moreso. Nevermind the issue might lie within rather than solely being a sect of industry culture.

See now while I get where you're coming from, this is a silly take that devalues the art world much more than it should. Art has always come from a lot of places and the wealthy have always been supporting grand works in some way. Capitalism just makes it look worse today. If it's not the Medici then it's David Zwirner. The two are the same sect of society.

As for your comments about others taste and judgement... That's inherent to art. I'm sorry but it is. Art is as much the meaning the artist assigns to it as it is what the world assigns to the art. There is such a thing as good and bad taste. You can have good bad taste and bad good taste too. But judgement and critique are simply the nature of the beast.
#17544 Name: Anonymous   17h
I need to get a dang job. I think it'll be harder since I've been unemployed and living off my savings since mid 2020.

I have to assume computer programmers become less hireable when there isn't continuity in employment.
#17545 Name: Anonymous   1d
Hope not... but maybe a different line of work beckons? Who knows. Kudos to you for not working for 4 years anyway. Heroic effort!