#0 Name: Anonymous
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#9410 Name: Anonymous  0min
"Force" may be too strong a word. I just feel like the Man (for lack of a better name) is trying to consolidate the internet into a small number of easily exploitable groups. Ten million people using Facebook are easier to manipulate than a million people using ten different obscure message boards.

You're totally shilling that soap; don't try to pretend. %;)%
#9411 Name: Anonymous  5h
New revolutionary market strategy: pay some guy minimum wage to go on small internet forums to argue while always bringing up your product as an example to make a point
#9412 Name: Anonymous  6h
That's assuming that the Alphabet Man, or Discord Man, or whoever, wants to spy on only you and no one else. In reality, the people spying on you aren't focusing on you specifically - they just want to maximize the amount of people they can collect data from and serve ads to, or sell that data to people serving ads to you. From that perspective, trying to compromise a lot of small websites with 20 or so users each would be a needless burden compared to wrangling 100+ million people into one place where they can be spied on all at once.
#9413 Name: Anonymous  7h
That's assuming that the Alphabet Man, or Discord Man, or whoever, wants to spy on only you and no one else

Guess that was only a subconscious projection of my own repressed schitsoaphrenic delusions, then
#9414 Name: Anonymous  10h
I cannot recognize the posters here. It's hard to do when the posts are so ephemeral and you cannot directly compare.
It's something I like about this site. On other boards you can tell, here not so much.

Anyway I've taken down something I was doing to allow myself to think if I should continue or not.
I have all reasons to believe that mine was a fruitless endeavor, but I was enjoying it.
I tend to do things I enjoy but amount to very little in the long run, and I grow affectionate to these things so I keep doing them even if they don't do much for me. Eventually I give up on the m and start something else on the same line, and the cycle repeats. Is there a way to do this sort of decision making if you don't think very straight by default? Maybe one them life coaches
#9415 Name: Anonymous  11h
If you enjoy doing something, it's not entirely fair to call it fruitless, besides, the result isn't necessarily the end goal of all things in life. Some tibetian monks spend weeks creating art out of colored sand (mandala) only to destroy it afterwards
But I understand that it's important to know when to stop and let go of your projects, and with that I struggle too. I try to have clear plans beforehand, but that's not always easy
#9416 Name: Anonymous  12h
The monks already know that they're going to destroy the mandala once it's finished, and the mandala is part of a bigger and more important practice, so it's anything but fruitless.
I'd say this is the opposite situation here. Doing something for the sake of enjoyment alone wouldn't be a good thing from the perspective of the monks...
But it's interesting that you mentioned Buddhism because I've been looking at it several times over my life. It seems like I'm geared to think like a monkey and go on wild goose chases.
#9417 Name: Anonymous  21h
I cannot recognize the posters here

I'm going to come clean to you, I've just been having a conversation with myself here for a year and you've happened to stop by.